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作者: 462cv0524    時間: 2013-5-30 17:53     標題: michael kors but did the OHL get it right

but toms outlet did michael kors outlet canada the OHL get it right
This, of course, was for the thundering check Liambas threw at Kitchener Rangers defenceman Ben Fanelli last Friday, which left toms shoes sale the 16-year-old with a fractured skull and michael kors watches sale orbital bone and in critical, but stable condition in hospital.
Fanelli's season is done, so too is Liambas' now. Indeed, as a 20-year-old over-age player, Liambas' junior career is now over.
There lululemonaustraliasale.webs is no doubt that Liambas was skating at a high speed and did skate in from near the blue-line when he eventually met up with Fanelli behind the Kitchener net. Did he lunge, or elbow, or high stick or even charge? Many would argue no, but he did deliver a punishing check.
Was he reckless? You could argue that. But a big reason louis vuitton luggage why the injury happened is because at the last second Fanelli turned into the boards and was exposed
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